My story...

Iím not what you would describe as a feminist. I like being a woman. One of my favorite activities is dancing. Not that modern stuff where all you do is jump around and shake, but Ball Room dancing. Iíve enjoyed that ever since I was a small child. Unfortunately, I have a very bad habit, I tend to lead when I dance. Most of the guys I dance with have, more or less, given up trying to break me of this habit. The last time I went dancing, my date had a most unique way to prevent me from leading.

Part way through one dance, my partner reached over and took the scarf from around my neck. The next thing I knew, my scarf had been folded into a two inch band and was being tied over my eyes! There I stood, in the middle of the dance floor, as blind as a bat. I felt him take my hand, put his other hand around my waist and we began to dance. I no longer had trouble following his lead. When the music stopped, I felt him begin to remove my blindfold. I know that this is going to sound crazy, but I told him to stop. Since I couldnít see anyone around me, I didnít feel the least bit strange. I spent the rest of the evening blindfolded and I enjoyed every minute of it. When we left, I was still blindfolded. It was just a bit strange being led out to the car, but not unpleasant Even when we arrived at my home, I chose to remain blindfolded. It was different, but we both enjoyed ourselves. He built a fire in my fireplace and we sat on the floor in front of it. I wonít go any further with details of the evening, but I didnít take my blindfold off until morning.

The next day I was in a drug store. While walking down one row, I saw some oval shaped adhesive eye patches that were flesh colored. This gave me an idea for our next dancing date. I bought the eye patches and a very dark pair of sun glasses. When I arrived home I decided to try out the patches. I took two of them out of the package, and very carefully following the directions, I put them over my eyes. They didnít block out all the light, but I was still blind. I put on the dark sunglasses and I was amazed at how dark it became. I decided to leave them on for awhile and try to do some of my housework. After a while I thought of something else to try. I went to my bedroom and opened my scarf drawer. I realized I had no way to tell them apart except by feel. I found one that I thought would work for my purpose and I very carefully folded it into a band. I took off my sunglasses and tied the scarf over my eyes, patches and all. In an instant I was in total darkness. This was even better than I had hoped for. Not only was I in total darkness, I couldnít "cheat" by lifting the scarf. I spent the rest of the day like that.

That Friday afternoon, I very carefully dressed and put on my make up (except for my eyes, of course). I then applied a patch over each eye and put on my sunglasses. Just to try to make it a little darker, I had even painted the inside of the sunglasses black. When Ron arrived, I carefully felt my way to the door to let him in. I explained to him what I had done and he was as enthusiastic as me. The evening was a great success. We both had a wonderful time. I didnít take the patches off until the following morning.

Things have gotten serious between Ron and I. Weíre thinking of getting married. Just yesterday Ron asked me If Iíd like to go away for the weekend. He also asked me if Iíd like to try the whole weekend wearing the patches. It sound really interesting. I think Iíll give it a try......

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