Links to the Web

Below is a selection of links to other sites that explore various handicaps - some temporary, some permanent. I welcome updates and additions - please E-mail to texbdguy at

Links to Orthopedic sites

Sexy leg braces: An admirer of women who wear leg braces
Casting Central: A casting enthusiast (WAY colorful - turn down your monitor!)
Gay Devotee: For Gay Devotee's of disabled men
NBAK: Neck Brace Appreciation Klub (great!)
Eye Scene: A place for glasses/vision fetishists

References to blindness and blindfolding

Guide dogs for the blind: Their training course includes 10 days spent blindfolded
Nat'l fed. for blind article: Student describes spending 24 hours blindfolded
The Blindfold Page: A fellow enthusiast of blindfolds!
Black Silk Blindfold: Another enthusiast of blindfolding for pleasure
Delphi Blindfold forum, run by a friend.

Sources for Blindfolds

Eye Pajamas: A great assortment of stylish sleep masks
Slumber Comforts: A different type of sleep mask
Dungeonware: Offers a good selection of blindfolds, in leather.

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