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Going through life with my eyes closed


In my early teens, I used to walk the family dog at night. Part of my usual route took me through a large field - probably several acres, which was well maintained. I used to enjoy closing my eyes and walking across it, knowing that I could easily walk for almost a minute without any sight at all. Occasionally, if it were a dark night, I would blindfold myself with a black cotton bandanna while walking across the field. I found that especially exciting - the feeling of walking, using my mind and memory as my guide - with my sight blocked completely. When I got to the other side of the field, there was the magical feeling of having been "moved" - as if, since I had been sightless while walking, I had not actually covered any distance.

Later, I found that my interests also extended to bondage - and what better excuse to have lots of blindfolds?

I enjoy chatting with people, especially those who are interested in simulating blindness. Have you ever:

If any of these things interest you please write to me - texbdguy @ - I'd love to hear from you. Male or female, new at this or an 'old hand'. If you're anywhere near Houston, TX, that's where I am, but I am also a frequent traveler around the US.