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To the visually-impaired web surfer:

My apologies if you find this site offensive. It has not been my intention to make it so. Having even the minor visual impairment that I have, I know that life is not always as it is made out to be on television. (Trust me, most of what you're not seeing on it is hardly worth the electricity it takes to keep it running).

That said, I probably spend more time with some visual impairment - usually a blindfold of some form - than most sighted people, and I can understand at least some of the frustrations and minor annoyances that you must deal with every day. For this reason, I have made all of my pages as reader-friendly as I can, so text-only browsers such as Lynx can get the same information as the latest java-ized version of Netscape.

I welcome any feedback or criticism you may have - your e-mail to texbdguy at is appreciated!

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