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Last update: January 1, 1999


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Blindfolded & Eye-patched!

Hello! And thank you for stopping by my page on the web. Before going any further, please be aware that this page, and the ones that follow, may contain themes disturbing to some people. This page is dedicated to the admirers of blind and vision-impaired people, and those who are interested in what a vision handicap would be like to live with. There are many pages on the web dealing with those who find casts to be intriguing, or perhaps orthopedic braces, and even amputees. Several of these pages are excellent, and I include links to some of the best here. My particular interest deals with limitations of vision. All my life, I have found the experience of wearing a blindfold or some similar item to be very enjoyable. A couple of years ago, when I found that I needed glasses to see properly, I began to develop more of an interest in blindness. So please feel free to poke around here! I am just getting things put together, so it will be a while before I get moved in. Please feel free to contact me - my e-mail address is - you know what part to remove! :-)

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Before you put on the blindfold, look at:

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